Prof. Dr. İshak Emin Aktepe was born in 1975 in Erzincan. He completed elementary, middle and high school in Erzincan. He graduated from the faculty of theology, Marmara University (Istanbul) in 1997. Following this, in 1999, he took his master’s degree, and in 2005 he received doctorate degree in Institute of Social Sciences at the Marmara University. He was associate proffessor in 2011. After 1997, he studied as a director and educator in several associations and foundations. In 2012, he was appointed as a lecturer at the faculty of theology, Erzincan University. Prof. Dr. Aktepe is the author of number of boks and resarch papers includuing "Kur’an ve Sünnet Işığında Finansal Meseleler" 2016, "Hadisler ve Yorumları (Seçki ve Çeviri)" 2016, "Sünnet ve Hadis" 2014, "Sorularla Katılım Bankacılığı" 2012, "Hadis Kaynaklarında Fâiz ve Finansman" 2011, "İslâm Hukûku Çerçevesinde Finansman ve Bankacılık" 2010,. Aktepe is married and has three children.

Prof. Dr. Vecdi Akyuz was born in 1955 in Kirklareli. He completed his elementary school in Tekirdag and high school at Fatih Imam Hatip High School (Istanbul) in 1974. After graduating from Istanbul Yüksek İslam Enstitüsü (Istanbul High Islamic Institute) in 1978, he held various positions in the provincial organization of Presidency of Religious Affairs. He worked as mufti in Kastamonu’s Azdavay district in 1979 and in Tekirdag in 1984 and 1985.Followed that he worked as auditor mufti in Istanbul Eminonu district. He completed his PhD thesis on the development of Islamic Public Law (The Transformation of Caliphate to Reign) at the foundation period of the Umayyad’s in the Institute of Social Sciences. In 1992, with his "zakat" study, he became associate professor and was appointed as a professor in 2001.He wrote many books about Islam and Islamic Law, jurisprudence, public law and politics and translate many classical and modern Islamic literary work.

He was a member of Marmara University of Theology till 2017, he is currently a member of Istanbul Aydın University’s Faculty of Law.

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