Want to buy mutual fund?

Mutual Funds

We aim to be your solution partner with our innovative products.

Venture Capital Investment Funds

If you are an investor with high level of risk perception and return expectation who wish to engage in long-term investments, Private Equity Investment Fund grants you with the opportunity to invest in SMEs with high growth potential through mezzanine or participation.

Real Estate Investment Funds

Our REIFs enables you to easily invest in the real estate portfolio of strategically located offices, lands, fields and residences, etc.

Pension Funds

We are managing the pension savings received by the pension companies on behalf of the participants. We depend on our deeply belief in faithful ownership.

Investment Solutions

We are actively managing individual and institutional savings on their behalf with a high level of personal services to underpin their investment objectives.

Social Responsibility

The principle of “Life-touching initiatives” forms the basis of our Group's approach towards social responsibility.

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