We, as Aktif Portföy Yönetimi Anonim Şirketi acting as the data controller, hereby would like to inform you as per the Law Nr. 6698 on Protection of Personal Data, which has been promulgated on the Official Journal, dated April 7, 2016 and with the issue number 29677 (the "Law"), for the purpose of protecting, in particular the right of privacy with respect to processing of any personal data, as well as the fundamental rights and freedoms of individuals, and also setting out the obligations for any real or legal persons that process any personal data.

Purpose of processing personal data, and the legal grounds thereof:
Any personal data are processed for the purpose of being used in any and all kinds of products and services as part of Mutual Fund Trading and Portfolio Management under the Scope of Fund Distribution from Aktif Portfoy Yonetimi Anonim Sirketi and as per Capital Market Law, MASAK (Financial Crimes Investigation Board) and any other applicable regulations, and recording the identity, address and such other details as required for identification of the respective person executing the transaction, and issuance of any and all records and documentation that will serve as the basis for the respective transaction, either by electronic means or in hard copy, and fulfillment of any and all obligations with respect to data storage, reporting and information as prescribed under the applicable regulations promulgated by the CMB (Capital Markets Board), the CBRT (the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey) and such other authorities, and to offer the requested/other products, services and promotions of our company, and also being used in marketing activities if you grant your consent thereto, and taking any such other and further action as required with respect to the agreement(s) executed and/or to be executed by and between you and our company, as well as in line with the terms and purposes of processing personal data, prescribed under the Law Nr.6698 with respect to Mutual Fund Trading and Portfolio Management under the Scope of Fund Distribution, and the other Capital Market activities.

Persons/entities to whom/which the personal data may be transmitted for above-given purposes: Any personal data may be transmitted for statutory obligations and in accordance with statutory limitations to any administrative and official authorities, to which such data are required to be transmitted statutorily, and any direct and indirect shareholders of our Company, and also any national - international subsidiaries thereof, as well as our business partners and suppliers, and any persons with which/whom relations are maintained under the scope of intermediary / brokerage activities, and any national - international third persons / institutions and independent auditing companies from which our company outsources services or support services where it is permitted to do so by the regulations, and any institutions to which data transmission is permitted under the Capital Market Law, and electronic media and platforms utilized for Capital Market activities, and also the legal persons such as Capital Markets Board, Borsa Istanbul A.S., Turkish Capital Markets Association, Merkezi Kayit Kurulusu A.S. (Central Registration Agency) and the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey, etc. In brief, your personal data may be disclosed/transmitted to any 3rd parties in case of your explicit consent and/or under any circumstances as allowed by the applicable regulations. Your personal data are processed for the above-given purposes due to investment services and activities, as well as Tax, MASAK (Financial Crimes Investigation Board) and Social Security Institution regulations, and any other regulations in relation to Capital Market Law.

Method for collecting personal data; Method for collecting personal data: Your personal data are collected by means of the methods such as our Head Office, any applications submitted on websites, our website, client meetings, SMS and e-mail channels, social media, written/digital applications delivered to sales teams, companies from which call center service is outsourced, and PTT (Turkish Mail Administration), etc., as well as any other channels through which our company has established/will establish contact with its clients, and such personal data are stored for a statutory period of time as prescribed under the relevant regulations.

In respect of processing of your personal data by our company; as per Section 11 of the Law on Protection of Personal Data; you are entitled to apply to our company as of 07.10.2016, and to inquire whether your personal data have been processed, or not, and to ask for information regarding any such processed personal data, and to be informed about the purpose of processing of any such data, and also about the fact that whether such data have been used as appropriate to the purpose thereto, and, to be informed about the 3rd parties to which any such data has been transmitted either domestically or internationally, and to ask for correction of any imperfect or inaccurate data, in case of any imperfect or inaccurate processing thereof, and to ask for deletion or disposal of any such personal data if the reasons requiring processing of any such data have disappeared, and to ask for providing information regarding correction and deletion processes to the 3rd parties to which any such personal data has been transmitted, and to raise an objection against such outcome in case of emergence of an outcome that is to the detriment of you upon the analysis of any such processed personal data solely by any automatic systems, and to claim for compensation of any and all damage and/or loss you might have incurred in case any such personal data has been processed in breach of the Law.


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