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Agriculture and Sustainability Fund Of Funds (MTS)

The investment purpose of the Fund; With mutual funds and exchange traded funds that invests in companies operating as producers, developers, distributors, infrastructure providers or founders in the sectors related to the themes; USA and Turkish markets, to support the funding of companies suitable for investment themes, to participate in the earnings of these institutions and to contribute to the medium/long term BIST Food Return Index, Bloomberg Agriculture Subindex Total Return Index (Bloomberg Agriculture Sub-Return Index), BIST Sustainability Return Index and aim to record a return above the benchmark consisting of the components of the Dow Jones Sustainability World Total Return Index.

In the process of selecting the funds to be invested and determining their weights, the outputs of the Artificial Intelligence-based portfolio evaluation model are taken as a basis. Within the scope of the Artificial Intelligence-based model, while establishing long-run return expectations for the funds to be invested; historical prices of assets, macroeconomic data, market data, financial models, technical indicators and statistical models are used. Portfolio Manager evaluates market conditions and create a portfolio with the funds . While the fund's portfolio is being created, the Artificial Intelligence supported models that decide on investments are reviewed monthly and the funds to be invested are decided.

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